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I have been teaching cello lessons to students ages 6 and up since 1980.  My teaching techniques prepare students for playing in their school orchestra, NYSSMA Festivals, All County auditions and beyond to Conservatory-level preparation.  I am also available to coach chamber music, lead group classes as well as master classes. 

My teaching philosophy for teaching grade school age children is based on the popular Suzuki method.  The Suzuki philosophy is a wonderful starting point as it makes performing a natural activity; which in turn helps boost confidence, memorization skills, and enhances all other learning skills. 

I have veered from the original Suzuki method in that I introduce music reading skills at an early age.  Introducing music reading right away boosts student's confidence, and allows young performers to participate in school orchestra right away. 

Scheduling Lessons:

Regularly scheduled, weekly lessons are recommended to promote steady progress and continuity of learning.  Adults and teens should plan for a full hour lesson.  However elementary age schoolchildren should have their lesson length tailored to their individual age and concentration ability.  While a 30 minute lesson might be perfect for a 6 year old, a 9 year old may need a 45 minutes, and kids in junior high and up have the concentration and stamina for an hour lesson.


Recitals and Group Classes:


I encourage students to perform in recitals and participate in their local NYSSMA Festivals.  Performing is an important aspect in learning the instrument, and is a wonderful vehicle to accelerate learning and accomplish goals.  

Interested in lessons?  Please send a message on the contact page.

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"Jeanne has been a wonderful cello teacher and mentor throughout my daughter’s first year of playing the cello. Jeanne is a kind and amiable person. Jeanne’s patient instruction and focus on the fundamentals has helped my daughter gain a solid foundation upon which she can grow. Jeanne also makes it a point to get her students out and playing in front of people by hosting various recitals throughout the year. This not only enables her students to become more focused and better players, but also instills a sense of confidence within them and helps them become more comfortable in front of an audience. We are moving from the area and unfortunately must find a new cello instructor, however my daughter is extremely fortunate to have begun her cello playing with Jeanne. We will miss Jeanne very much."  The Dilauro Family